People used to like chatting on the shoutbox on the old forum for general non-serious nonsense that didn’t warrant a forum thread- obviously discourse and SMF are very different but is that a feasibility with this software?

Just use discord lmao

I did look for one, but Discourse doesn’t really have a “dumb” shoutbox, also as @Jelman said - I think Discord fills in this gap quite well tbh.

Id say there are a lot of nice things Shoutbox does that Discord doesnt.

But you’re right in that it wouldnt fit into a Discord based board well at all.

I thought against ByB having a shoutbox for over a year when we first opened. Can’t recall why tbh :slight_smile:

n1 boomer discourse and discord are different things

Eh , I was sleepy. Still apploes, wouldnt suit here.