Sell All Doors from F4 Menu

@Rawss in the Discord: Can we add the option to sell all doors to the F4 menu?

Question to @Rawss - The Door F2 menu or the Job/Entity F4 menu?

Would the F2 menu not make more sense? as that’s what you use to buy the doors in the first place?

You can sell from that menu when you’re close to a door. I believe there’s already a chat command to sell all doors, but he wants a button in the f4 menu like we used to have

I actually meant F2 when I was asking if he meant the door menu or the F4 menu… just forgot that it was on F2

In ReBirth there was an option in the f4 menu alongside other class specific buttons (i.e Make a lawboard as mayor, request a warrant, issue gun licence etc). I didn’t realize there was a chat command until someone mentioned it so I may not be the only one with that problem.

This is basically now implemented. Not quite in Git but it’s fleshed out.