S&box (Garry's Mod 2)

A few of us have been following the progress being made here: https://sandbox.facepunch.com/

It’ll be quite interesting to see what comes from Sandbox, although I’m not sure I haven’t outgrown Garry’s Mod. Maybe if someone makes a working version of Space Build it’ll draw me back in.

Definitely won’t be playing any DarkRP Sandbox edition though.

/advert RAID

m8 it wont come out until garry gets a source 2 sdk / licence which doesnt exist.

could hack around with HL:A tools and the eventual CSGO S2 port.

listen here jelman. hi.

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Can you smoke weed in this game?

what the fuck is this :joy:

This is still my favourite Garry’s Mod meme of all time…

I want to rail lines of coke for a true to life experience

as long as I can admin abuse shaun, it’ll be gucci


I’ll abuse you too buckaroo

Nah u wont :wink:

careful sunshine, i’ll abuse u too