Precision Alignment - Guide

This guide will focus on the Points functionallity of Precision Alignment

Moving props with Precision Alignment
To move props you will want to create two points, where one point will be the destination and the other will be the origin of the prop you want to move.
Here’s an example:

In this example we want to align the blue prop with the orange prop, so we made 2 points.
The destination point, point(1) and the origin point of the prop, point(2).

After we’ve created the points, we need to select the prop we want to move, to do that, right click the desired prop and it should turn blue.

to move the prop, we want to choose where to move the origin point to.

In this case, we will move the origin point, point(2) to the destination point, point(1)
and to move the prop, we click Move Entity.

The result:

To deselect a prop, right click the world(a wall or a door).
then press Delete All to delete the points you created.

Duplicating props
duplicating props with Precision Alignment is easy and fast.

same as moving props, but now we move the same prop and duplicate it to the destination point.

We will create 2 points, destination and origin, in this case the destination point will be point 2.

We will chose which point to move to where, so in this case, point 1 to point 2

Then we select the prop by right clicking it.
and we shit+click Move Entity.

That’s the end of this guide.
happy building.

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