Persistent Gangs

Came from @Danrox147 on the Discord:

Suggestion: Gang systems that save.
-User creates a gang with a name they want
-Gang name appears under their name in game/in tab menu
-Within the F4 menu they can send invites to recruit people
-Have an upgrades system within the F4 menu for gang members and allow them all to pitch in their cash to the gang bank (The leader may be the only one able to remove funds)
-Upgrades can be; Spawn with a new gun Spawn with a faster lockpick More printers?
-The funds in the gang will also have a link to the forums showing the most rich gangs from a top 10 list inspiring people to compete with each other and be the top gang

(The upgrades should cost a few million to help drop the economy a bit and so the gang works together to afford upgrades)