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So there are various addons which to be fair to a serious gmod player could be annoying but having a few serious RP’ers vs more casuals is the difference between a regularly populated server and not.

It’s all about a balance of course, but if you go through all the servers that are currently above you in terms of numbers and quantities, which offer a downtown experience;

9 of them provide bitmininers.
a fair few offer vapes
others have drugsmod.

personally you guys have quite a good few custom extensions for wiremod which is what keeps me playing where others have the basics and haven’t got anything in terms of “custom” which makes byb server unique.

the buying all doors concept and noclip for building is great. personally it’s quite a big selling point for your server, i’d recommend a trailer for it and push out to community forums and get members to share the video.

Lots of people that i know who play gmod haven’t used Starfall, you guys have integrated it. It’s worth giving some demos and advertisements on what you can achieve with it.

it’s not a million miles off but happy to spread word etc.

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+1 for drugs
-1 for bitcoin mining
-1 for vapes

+drugs are good for your health