Getting Started on ByB

Welcome to ByB Casual Roleplay. This guide should help you get started out on our server. We recommend joining our Discord server, where you can ask any questions or find people to play with.


Press T to open the chat.

Typing in the chat will cause you to type in-character which will be visible to people near you, Start your message with /ooc to type out of character which will be visible to the whole server. If you want to advertise/message the entire server in-character - start with /advert

Helpful Keys

U - Unlock/lock a vehicle you have the keys to
F9 - Opens/Closes the Scoreboard which shows how many players are online
F1 - Open Phone
F2 - Open Inventory
hold F when in a vehicle - Leave the door open and the engine on and get out
X - Toggles putting your hands up


You can open your inventory with F2
@Rich insert details about inventory here thanks lad


Using a backpack (bag option 40, 41, 44 or 45) will give you an extra 35 inventory space.