E2 Teleport Functionality / Allowing Wire Teleporter

As E2 is for donators only I would love to suggest adding teleport functions for E2.
Obviously this comes with downfalls like;

  1. Abusers who will TP into bases etc.
  2. Abusers could snatch printers etc.

However, remember this is all behind a paywall anyway so very much doubt someone will pay to abuse (Although you can’t put it past some people).
Wholeheartidly however I can say, people who use this correctly and in a non abusive manor will undoubtidly make some amazing creations.
I for one made a teleporting gun store;

  1. Users types !order
  2. I teleport over (using the addon that allows you to sit on things with alt+e).
  3. The E2 executes a console command (would be great if this was also allowed) which would spawn a shipment or single item they requested and returns me immediately after.

So suggestions are;

  • E2 concmd (if not already available)
  • Seat spawning/buying (allowing you to weld and physgun it too)
  • E2 Teleport/Wire Teleport