DarkRP Rules

Welcome back to ByB Servers!

Rules are enforced by the admin team, not every scenario will be listed below. Please use some common sense and listen to the admins. This works in reverse, and if you have any suggestions please feel free to make them!

General Rules

  1. Be respectful of other players. Don’t purposely be rude or offensive to others. Let’s keep it friendly. There is zero tolerance for abuse. (racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.)
  2. Usual etiquette should be practised with props. Don’t climb, block or kill others with movable props or other objects.
  3. ‘I’m building’ is not a reason to prop-block, leaving your base open should make people see you have no valuables.
  4. Put your votes, sales, announcements and other in-character text in /advert. Do not use OOC for in-character actions.
  5. Don’t abuse chat commands during in-character situations. For example, if you are being kidnapped/mugged don’t suicide or change jobs.
  6. We have rules you should follow when playing as different jobs. These will be shown to you when you choose the job.
  7. Wiremod/E2/Starfall must be used to aid RP, fading doors, displays, etc.
  8. We are a casual roleplay server. These do not apply:
    • Fear RP
    • Advertising Raid/Mugging/Kidnapping
  9. We want to give you the tools for a fun DarkRP experience and let you play - but at the same time, please don’t be annoying to others - we won’t be afraid to remove your access.
  10. Please report any bugs, we’d really appreciate you letting us know about them. Report them on the forum or PM a Staff member. We’ll make it right.

Death, Combat & RDM

  1. Never use lethal force first. Killing someone is a last resort, not the first and best option. You need a valid roleplay reason to kill someone.
  2. If you’re mugging someone, you should only demand up to $5,000.
  3. You may not kill, mug or kidnap at spawn. Spawn-killing is a permaban offence.
  4. You must actually interact with someone to rob them. Typing out orders is preferred.
  5. While raiding you should only shoot those who are ARMED or you have good reason to believe they will harm you.
  6. You must have a reason to kill an unarmed person. Examples would be: RP Robbery, blocking path of escape, refusal to leave property, taking hostile action - 911 calls or being a spy or official hitman tasks
  7. Classification of ‘helping a friend’. In RP terms your friends are your gang members, employers etc. You may protect them, defend them, avenge them all to a degree. Please ensure you’re easily associated with one another.
  8. Weapons sold by the Gun Dealer (e.g. Pistols & Shotguns) are, by default, legal. Cops may not arrest a player for simply carrying these weapons, and must ask them to put the weapon away. Players who refuse to do so after a reasonable period may be arrested. Players may also be arrested for using a legal weapon threateningly (discharging it in the street, for example) <-This rule may be altered by an active mayor->

New Life Rule (NLR)

  1. NLR is an acronym for New Life Rule. New life rule is, simply stated, the rule that states if you die, you must not return to the area of your death for 5 minutes. (Roughly within yell distance)
  2. You may ask the raiders if the raid has expired. Since this is not a pure RP situation you may ask in OOC, however it is preferred to ask in via PM.
  3. If you accidentally kill yourself during non-RP, such as building, you may return within 5 minutes.
    • If you die of accidental death DURING an RP event, such as a base raid, then NLR does apply.

Gangs & Grouping Rules

  1. Please check Job specific rules in-game for if a job can join a gang. In general though most “Criminal” Jobs can form a gang.
  2. Gangs must not be larger than 30% of the current number of players on the server.
    • e.g. 9 Players = Maximum gang size of 3.
  3. You must have similar Job names e.g. “Crooklyn Gang Member”

Base & Building Rules (Now 50% Less Fat!)

Base/Store/House Rules

  1. Build efficiently, the prop limit is generous but this isn’t an excuse to use loads of small props. Laggy bases will be removed.
  2. 1-way props are allowed to cover existing world-map windows, nowhere else.
  3. Your valuables must be raidable within 3 keypads. 2 for your raid entrance (lasting 8 seconds each) and 1 toggle-able safe. Gundealers/Kidnappers can have 1 extra toggle-able safe to assist with their jobs.
  4. Entrances must be able to fit 2 people standing comfortably. Both should be able to crack the keypad or shoot.
  5. Banned Base concepts:
    • Hitbox Glitching
    • Maze bases
    • Crouch bases ( Bases where you have to crouch )
    • Kill boxes ( These are boxes / Rooms that are used for the sole purpose of killing raiders. Often raiders can not fight back, e.g. defences where you shoot raiders feet)
    • Blackout rooms/Material Abuse (This means you can’t have rooms where you don’t know up and
      down, left or right. it is usually made with black, so you can’t see anything)
    • Jump / Parkour bases (These are bases that require you to jump from platform to platform in order to get to your fading door or keypad.)
  6. Further details regarding prop-bases / market stalls can be found within the in-game job rules.

Fading Doors / Shooting Windows

  1. No No-collided props, hitbox glitching or fading door abuse (Running in and out of a fading door to gain an advantage over raiders)
    • The only exception to this is that you’re allowed to run in/out of your fading door once during a situation. For example if you’re running away from police who are raiding you, or chasing you down the street, but you must not re-enter via a fading door (without using a keypad cracker/entering the pin) until the situation is over.
  2. You may only shoot raiding players either through a 0.5x2 phx shooting window, world window or in the open. This means no shooting through gaps in your base, fences or anything else.
    • It must be obvious when the window is open / closed. No super low alpha values.
  3. You must be able to see the same parts of the raider as they can of you. No shooting from above or below.