Custom E2 Extensions

ByB has a large number of custom E2 functions.

They are:

–[[ Printer Related ]]–
Number Entity:isPrinter()
Number Entity:printedMoney()
String Entity:printerType()
Number Entity:inkMax()
Number Entity:printerHealth()
Number Entity:isBeckiBox()

–[[ Money ]]–
Number Entity:isMoney()
Number Entity:moneyAmount()

–[[ Shipments ]]–
Number Entity:isShipment()
Number Entity:isEmptyShipment()
String Entity:shipmentName()
String Entity:shipmentClass()
String Entity:shipmentModel()
Number Entity:shipmentAmount()
Number Entity:shipmentID()
Number Entity:shipmentCost()
Number Entity:shipmentIndividualCost()
Number Entity:shipmentAvailableSeperately()
Number Entity:shipmentSpawnAmount()
Number Entity:shipmentPricePerUnit()

Number getMaxCustomShipments()
Table getCustomShipmentInfo(Number num)
Table Format:
ret[“Found”, Number] = 1
ret[“Name”, String] = “MP5”
ret[“Model”, String] = “models/weapons/w_smg_mp5.mdl”
ret[“ClassName”, String] = “weapon_mad_mp5”
ret[“PricePerShipment”, Number] = 2600
ret[“SpawnAmount”, Number] = 10
ret[“AvailableSeperately”, Number] = 1
ret[“SeperatePrice”, Number]
= 280

–[[ Spawned Weapons ]]–
Number Entity:isSpawnedWeapon()
String Entity:spawnedWeaponClass()

–[[ Players ]]–
Number Entity:isAuthorisedPersonnel()
Array Entity:getWeapons() – Returns the weapon ENTITIES aka Entity[5][keypad_cracker]
Array Entity:getWeaponClasses() – Returns the weapon CLASSNAMES aka “keypad_cracker”
Number Entity:hasGunLicence()
Number Entity:hasKeypadCracker()
Array Entity:getPocketConents() – Returns an Array of ENTITIES
Number Entity:getUserID() – Returns the players UserID
String Entity:jobName() – Returns the players Job Name, including custom job titles. Don’t rely on it for anything important (for example, E2 door authentication!)

Number Entity:isWarranted() – Returns the players warrant status, providing you’re a cop/swat/mayor .
Number Entity:isWanted() – As above.
Number Entity:isArrested()
Number Entity:arrestRemaning() – Gives the remaining jail sentence in seconds, or 0

Number Entity:isTrustedAdmin() – Works like the normal wire entity:isAdmin() or entity:isSuperAdmin()
Number Entity:isRoot()
String Entity:getRank() – Returns root/super/trusted/admin/supporter/user depending on the players rank. Returns “(null)” for anything invalid.
Number Entity:isMayorAssistant()
Number Entity:isPoliceDeputy()

–[[ Coolness ]]–
void Entity:setCool(Number cool)
Number Entity:isCool()
Array whoCool() – Who is on my buddy list, even if they’re offline
Array whoCoolNow() – Who is on the server and on my buddy list

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Just as a NB, two new extensions were added to e2;


They should be pretty self explanatory as to what they return, but if you have any more e2 method requests, don’t be scared to suggest them.

Any chance of adding Entity:printerInk() ?
More useful than Entity:inkMax() in my opinion

You should also add an extra method for printers to get the current amount of ink

I did originally add it, but Jamie asked me to remove it as it would make things to automatic. I guess if the community speaks, he might change his view on it?