Community Update - 2 - DarkRP Updates and Launch Event

DarkRP Updates and Launch Event

Welcome to the second instalment of our community updates. We’re excited to announce some new additions to the DarkRP server and an update regarding the launch.

New Rules

A new set of rules have been written for the server. We’ve approached this by considering and scrutinizing the old ruleset of ByB, along with taking inspiration from Falco’s “DarkRP formula” document.

General server rules can be viewed on the DarkRP Rules page. Specific job rules can be found in the F4 menu in-game.

Big thanks to @Jelman for dedicating a lot of time to get this set up. Please feel free to leave any feedback for the new rules or suggestions.

Money Printers

One problem with vanilla DarkRP is that printing money is monotonous - and if not done carefully, too easy. Build a base, throw down a bunch of printers and go watch YouTube. Sound familiar?

Historically, ByB did make improvements to the default DarkRP printers - but they never properly addressed the bland nature of keeping money printers.

In order to improve the experience, we’ve introduced some new money printers to our server. Aesthetically, they’re a lot easier on the eyes - and more importantly, they add an increased degree of work required for printer upkeep.


Building System

During the past week, we’ve been laying the groundwork for a new system to manage buildings and property on the server. There will be more information on this coming soon - however, as part of the work that is already complete, we’re now able to offer you some really cool features:

  • Building Mode Noclip
  • Door Groups
  • Dynamic Building Pricing

Building Mode Noclip

To help with the construction of bases and other designs, you are now able to noclip within a building that you own. All you need to do is buy the door to the building.

Door Groups

On the subject of buying doors - when you buy one door to a building, you will automatically be made the owner of the entire building. No more “well I own half and they bought the other half” situations.

Dynamic Building Pricing

Don’t be surprised if buying the biggest building on the map is going to cost you a little bit more than it used to. We suggest starting with smaller buildings until you’ve got 150k+.

Community Advert Competition

We’re looking for pictures to go on our in-game ad boards, Winners will receive 150k in-game currency per a winning entry.

Please enter in this thread or by PMing @Jamie. Your submissions will be for 2 different boards so you stand more of a chance of winning if your submission has a version for each, although we do want some variation for the different boards.



News on Supporter

We’ve decided that we’ll be using Patreon for this, We’re still working on the specifics.


ByB will be officially returning on the 24th of July at 5PM BST.

We hope you’ll join us. Join by searching for “ByB” in the server browser or follow the instructions here:

– Conor, Jamie, and Rich


guys you better be on the server tomorrow or else

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guys you better be on the server tomorrow or else

or else what

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