Community Update - 1 - "oh no not again"


We’ve been fielding a number of questions surrounding the legitimacy of this community site, so let’s get everyone up to speed.

Hopefully this forum post can give an insight on what’s currently happening with ByB.

Is this ByB 2.0?

Yep! ByB 2, electric boogaloo.

In mid-2020, Pantho handed the community over to Conor and as such, a new staff team has been formed. This new forum has been created, and development on game servers from has resumed. We want to bring ByB back from it’s dead state.

Currently running this forum is Conor, Jamie and Rich (Dr Moo).

Supporter Ranks

If you had the supporter rank on ByB Servers, you are eligible to receive continued access to supporter benefits for free. Create an account on this forum and then link your Steam account (see here for instructions). Once you have linked your Steam account, you will receive the rank upon your next connection to the server.

Right now, we’re not selling new access to the supporter rank, but we are looking into the best way to move forward on making ByB self-sufficient. We think a Patreon campaign with a minimum contribution of 2-3$ per month may work well in the future. Watch this space.

Can I buy admin?

No. We are not selling access to admin tools. In the past, ByB helped sustain itself by offering paid “admin” access but it came at a price.

We will be holding the next admin team to a higher standard - and this is not possible by allowing the purchase of admin tools.

Are we going to be a serious RP server?

No, ByB was never a serious RP community - we won’t be forcing that on anyone. We want to lighten up some of the rules to allow for more organic RP. For example, allowing players to build outside (within reason).

It’s worth reading Falco (the creator of DarkRP)'s document on “Formula for a good DarkRP server”. We don’t necessarily agree with all of the points in this document but we took particular notice of the following sections:

  • Advert raids, mugs, hits and other RP actions - Having to advert actions is truly the stupidest thing to come to DarkRP, we won’t be using this…
  • (Admin) disrespect - We never had this as a rule and we won’t be adding it
  • Rooftop sessions - These were used way too often and often the admin doesn’t have enough data to make the correct decision, we’ll be focusing much more on catching people breaking rules and evidence based reports.
  • Players demanding admin intervention - It’s too easy for players to disrupt innocent players game play because they got upset at valid game play.
  • Server Economy - We’ll be focusing on the economy much more then previous iterations of the server, we really want the server to be fun but balanced.

What about the old rules?

We realise the old rules required a PhD in base design, we’re going to do what we can to strip them down and make them easy to follow, you’ll see more on this soon.

Why rp_downtown_v2_fiend_v2b?

We figured the original ByB RP4 map was the way to go on map. Source Vehicles are notoriously shit, so driving maps are kinda meh, you also have to run so much on those maps to go anyway. With a “new” community with not many players it’ll be hard to grow on a map that big as they’ll be no interaction.

Which region are we going to target?

ByB used to target both US and EU populations with a server in Europe and a server in the US, This worked well when the community was booming but since we’re starting from quite a small player base we’ll only be targeting EU for now, although of course everyone is welcome to come and play with us. If things are successful we also won’t rule out bringing back a US based server.


We’re working on a FiveM server in the background, look forward to more news on this soon.

– Conor, Jamie, and Rich