Command & Conquer Remastered

EA have finally released a decent Command & Conquer game!

What do people think? Are you going to buy it? We should have a ByB game some time.

I’ve been playing it for a few hours now, much harder then I remember it being :joy:

still looks like ass with how long it took them, although all RTS games look like ass

nahhh shit game init bruv

Red Alert 3 was the best tbh

controversial… although I did enjoy playing Red Alert 3.

It actually does look like crap there not a lot difference but still gameplay is good

(Click to zoom in, 690x388 really does not show you the improvement)

I spliced them together:

Bear in mind you couldn’t even play the game in these higher resolutions without patches/OpenRA. It’s never going to look like a modern game - but if you wanted that - this game wasn’t for you.

I’ll admit the cut scenes don’t look amazing - and look like they were probably up-scaled by some weird machine learning…

The remastered music is 10/10 though.

They also rewrote all the net code apparently, with a proper ELO based system - so that’ll be enjoyable.

How about Halo Wars 2?

What about it???