Bullet Penetration

Would there be any interest in bullet penetration? ByB had this disabled for most of it’s lifetime but I feel like it might add in a new dynamic.

  • Interested in Bullet Penetration
  • Interested in Prop Damage
  • Interested in an expensive bomb which can be planted in a base to destroy props in a small radius (must be defended for a small amount of time and can be defused)
  • Interested in Door Charges (world doors)

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react to this post if you dont like any of the options

Door Charges + Bomb + Nomads pls.

I feel like this version of darkrp should be as realistic as possible without implementing seriousRP or any other bullshit like fear-rp. (unless you’re the mayor or some shit. (Auto demote mayor on death for forced fearRP?))

Bullet penetration should be allowed but only for world walls. Shooting people through your one way barricaded base it dumb and should never be allowed. Prop damage is dumb as well. Door charges can stay.